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New Project

I’ve started working on a new project over the Christmas break, and it’s actually going somewhere. Which is weird, but I’m perfectly cool with that…

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My work featured in Nintendo Power

I don’t usually blog or even write stuff online anymore, but I feel this page needs some updating. Also, I’ve successfully locked myself out of accessing my domain name… otherwise I’d just be working on that.

Anyway, Nintendo Power ran an article this month, and some of my work was featured in it. It’s stuff I did for WayForward earlier this year on LIT, and now I can finally show some of it. It’s also the first published game I’ve worked on, and first time having anything I made featured in a magazine. Pretty cool.

Screenshots and scans of the article will be uploaded shortly. In the meantime, here is and article interviewing Adam Tierney, director of LIT.

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Homepage up

ok, got this thing up after about an hours worth of tweaking. anyway, i’ll post some more stuff later.

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